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Hello everyone,

This month I'm going into my 3rd year here on Deviant Art. Here is a special hello to all of my New Watchers and especially to all of my fans that have been with me during the last two years.

As many of you know I'm a big fan of Sailor Moon and I have been enjoying watching the new Sailor Moon Crystal series a lot. If you have been on my Facebook page I often share photos, drawings, screen captures, etc from other Sailor Moon fans, Sailor Moon fan artists, and the wonderful cosplayers. At Youmacon 2014 I will be looking for Sailor Moon series cosplayers and especially any of the new Sailor Moon Crystal cosplayers to take photos of.

Back in 2009 when I started to do Cosplay photography I concentrated mostly on Anime and video game cosplayers. I've noticed that their have been more and more Disney, Science Fiction, and Super Hero (Both Marvel & DC) cosplayers out their. I've added them to my list of cosplayers to take photos of. My first Love is still going to be Anime cosplayers and in the future I do plan on making another Anime Cosplay outfit.

If anyone that's going to a Michigan Cosplay / Anime convention needs a photographer feel free to send me a note and I will see what I can do for you. I Love doing photoshoots and I want to do more. I wasn't able to go to Jafax 19 this year due to personal reasons and I had to change a lot of plans at the last minute. This made me unhappy because I wasn't able to take photos at that con to share with all of you or do the photoshoots that I planned. I will certainly make things up when I go to Youmacon 2014. If any of you are going to it I would really like to see you. In the meantime I will still be posting photos from Shutocon 2014, Youmacon 2013, and even some from Jafax 18 (2013). So keep an eye out for them.

My DA Page's photo Gallery has grown a lot during the last two years and below is a list to help everyone navigate through it. The Albums are in 3 categories: Personal Interest, Cosplay Photoshoots, and Conventions. Below is a list of my current photo gallery's:

Personal Interest Albums
My Cosplays
Manistee 2011
Sailor Moon Series Cosplays
Science Fiction and Horror
Disney Cosplay

Cosplay Photoshoots
Shutocon Tokyo Mew Mew
Shutocon 2013 Sailor Moon
Jafax 18 Lyfa Photoshoot
Youmacon 2013 Sailor Moon
Sailor Neptune Photoshoot

Youmacon 2009 (Oct 30th, 2009)
Youmacon 2010 (Oct 30th, 2010)
Jafax 16 Cosplay (June 26, 2011)
Youmacon 2011 (Nov 5th, 2011)
Jafax 17 Cosplay (June 23rd, 2012)
Youmacon 2012 (Nov 3rd, 2012)
Shutocon 2013 (April 6th, 2013)
Jafax 18 (June 22nd, 2013)
Youmacon 2013 (Nov 2nd, 2013)
Shutocon 2014 (April 5th, 2014)

Thanks everyone for your interest in my Cosplay photos. Your kind words and encouragement has inspired me to take more photos not only for me but for all of you as well. I Love and appreciate all of your comments, watches, and faves, they mean a lot to me and help make me Cosplay Photography hobby mean so much more to me.

Take Care,


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Ron Cauvin
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Here is my Story:

I started to do Amateur Photography when I was 7 years old. Having just over 40 years of experience I have been able to take pictures of a wide variety of subjects over those years. Photographic categories have included travel, nature, history, geology, family, and people.

A new photographic category has recently gotten my attention that I'm very excited about. I have been taking pictures of Cosplayers since 2009. When I started going to Cosplay / Anime cons I was surprised by 3 things. Most Cosplayers wanted to have pictures taken of them and they would even pose at times for the pictures. I was also amazed at the number of Cosplay outfits which were mostly hand made.

Being born on Halloween I have always liked costumes in general. Cosplay outfits are a few magnitudes better and higher classed than store bought costumes. A dream came true when I combined my Love of Costumes and photography together into a new interest, Cosplay Photography!!

For the first time in my life other people including Cosplayers at the Cosplay / Anime conventions wanted to take pictures of me!! Like a lot of photographers I'm a bit shy about having pictures taken of me.

About 50 pictures were taken of me in my Star Trek Cosplay outfit at my first con. After that experience much of my shyness went away and I was definitely hooked on Cosplaying, taking pictures of Cosplayers, and going to the cons. You can check out photos taken of me in my cosplay outfits in "My Cosplays" album.

My first venture into the Cosplay Internet World was creating a ACParadise Page. It was a wonderful experience creating my profile their and showing off my Cosplay outfits. Then I created a page. On that page I started to showcase and share my Cosplay photos. Now I have a brand new Facebook Photography page that showcases my Cosplay Photos, has special Photography features, and where I promote Cosplayers, Photographers, and Artists.

On this site I will showcase the photos that I have taken of Cosplayers and their outfits. My photography hobby also includes pictures that I take when on go on outings and often shed light on many of my interests. On this page I have an example of my other photography work in my "Manistee" Album.

Check this DA page often to see new photos that I have taken of other cosplayers and even new ones of me!! You can follow my Cosplayer / Cosplay Photographer journey by reading my journals.

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2014 Cosplay / Photography Plans

1. Almacon 2014 - Feb 7th to 9th in Alma, Michigan at Alma College. Sadly I can't go to this con due to potentially bad weather and lack of funds.

2. Shutocon 2014 - April 4th to 6th in Lansing, Michigan at the Lansing Center & Radisson Hotel. I look forward to my second trip to this con. Last year I tagged in on two photoshoots. I definitely want to do more photoshoots. Their are some great locations to do them along the River Boardwalk. Cosplaying Syaoran from "Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles.

3. Jafax 19 - June 21st & 22nd in Allendale, Michigan at the beautiful Grand Valley State University campus. This is my favorite con and I look forward to being among the friendly crowd and wonderful Cosplayers that go to this con. Unfortunately due to personal reasons I was not able to go this year.

4. Youmacon 2014 - Oct 30th to Nov 2nd in Downtown Detroit Michigan at Cobo Hall and the Renaissance Center. This will be the 6th time going to this convention. It's the biggest con that I go to and I have yet to experience all that this con has to offer. Cosplay outfit TBA. I will be going on Sat Nov 1st.


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Thank you so so so so so so so so so so SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much for the watch :cry::cries: I totally appreciate it :):D :meow::happybounce::la::heart:
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Your very Welcome. :)
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 if you want to take a look at my gallery I have little time here but I hope you will enjoy it n.n                                                                                                                                                                     Ribbon no Kishi
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I will certainly give your gallery a look. :)
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Ron we never met before have we? We just met and became friends on here.
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Anthony, I doubt that we have met before but you never know. It's a small World. Ron
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